About Me

Hello! My name is Emily and I’ve had a passion for reading books since I was young. I am an educator working with middle grades students teaching English Language Arts! I tend to review Middle Grades and Young Adult books with a focus on own voices authors so my students can see themselves represented in books.

If you are interested in having me review a book please check out my review policy section before you contact me.


I live in the South so as you can imagine I love good southern food, warm weather, and suspicious old towns that might have a cult to fight. Being homeschooled during my childhood instilled a life-long love of reading within me, as I would read whatever I could get my hands on. Now I love anything gothic and supernatural (especially if vampires are involved) or sci-fi & fantasy books with worlds I can get lost in.

If a book has a strong female character or a brooding type, you can bet I’ll probably be reading it. I also have a strong affinity for enemies to lovers but they do need to actually be trying to kill each other to keep my attention (if you’ve read the Queen’s Thief series DM me immediately because I need more friends to talk to about it).

Non-Book related Interests

You’ll probably hear me talk about my cat, Rogue and possibly some funny stories about my students I teach because I have SO MANY.

However some other interests of mine are video games such as Bloodborne, The Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age and Bioshock. These games have inspired a huge amount of my love for the genres I read and write about. I also enjoy table-top RPG’s such as D&D, Pathfinder & Call of Cthulhu. If it’s fantasy or spooky you can count on me being interested in it.

Posting Schedule:

I created this blog mostly as a way to talk about things I like and to make new friends. It’s become a great creative outlet for me so I try to post regularly on Thursdays or Fridays, though my schedule is due to change on occasion because of work.