Popular YA Books I Haven’t Read

So recently there’s been those tier makers going around and one was made for popular YA novels, which made me realize there’s actually a lot of popular YA that I’ve never read. So I decided to make a little list of the ones I haven’t read… and then debate whether or not to read them.

Disclaimer: I am not here to drag your favs and hurt feelings. If you want me to read one of these books definitely leave me a comment and tell me some of your favorite things about them. You might just convince me to change my mind.

The Selection

Image result for the selection cover
The Selection covers

Honestly, I was never interested in this series because books based primarily around romance & love triangles weren’t really my thing as a teenager. I had several friends who loved this series but I don’t plan to read it.

The Young Elites

Image result for the young elites
The Young Elites series covers

I don’t know much about this series other then that it’s kinda like a villain origin story? Or maybe it’s just morally gray characters? I’m not sure but I do love Marie Lu’s books so I actually do want to read this series. When will I read it? Only god knows.


Image result for twilight cover
Twilight cover

Twilight has been an odd one for me because as a teenager I didn’t like vampires and I was the jerk who was obsessed with being “not like other girls”. So I stayed clear of Twilight for a very long time due to my distaste for “popular” teen girl books. (Yeah okay, I know I was obnoxious… good thing people change!) I grew up during my junior year of high school and gained a lot more confidence in myself and learned I didn’t have to compare myself to other girls to be special. Now I have a fondness in my heart because I know this book was responsible for getting a lot of people into reading teen books again and it definitely helped revive YA as a genre. Personally, I don’t know when I’ll read it but I absolutely do plan on reading the first book so that I can see what the hype is about. (If anyone does a Twilight read-a-thon in the summer hmu.)

Eleanor & Park

Image result for Eleanor and Park
Eleanor and Park cover

Two words: no & no. For anyone who might not be aware, there are some racist quotes about Asian people in this book and it made a lot of own voices reviewers I support upset. As far as I know, there was no apology for the way these scenes were written, so I will pass on this one.

Wicked Lovely

Image result for wicked lovely
Wicked Lovely cover

This would have been a great book for me to read when I was obsessed with the Iron Fae and A Court of Thorns and Roses series. After my “not like other girls phase”, I got really into fairytale retellings and fae stories. If I had started this series then, I bet I would have enjoyed it a lot. Currently, it just looks like a book made for its time and I’m really not interested in it.

Graceling realm Series

Image result for Graceling
Graceling Realm Series Covers

Fun fact #1: I didn’t even know this series existed until last year.
Fun fact #2: Immediately after asking my friend about the series, she sent me home with the first book.
Fun fact #3: It’s still sitting on my shelf unopened.

Hush, Hush

Image result for hush hush cover
Hush, Hush cover

Okay so there was this running theme in 2010 of these paranormal YA books but like edgy. Books like the Fallen series (please never read it) and The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer belong in that category along with Hush, Hush. No shade or anything but that very specific genre was never something I enjoyed and I’ve always found it incredibly hard to get into. Sorry guys, I definitely won’t be reading this one.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Image result for daughter of smoke and bone
Daughter of Smoke and Bone series covers

I feel like maybe I can’t say I never read this series because I did start the first chapter of Daughter of Smoke and Bone. However, for some reason I never progressed farther and I’m not sure why. Again this is one of those books that I feel like was made for its time, so I’m probably not going to read it unless something wild happens like they make a show about it.

Well that concludes my little list! If you feel strongly that I’m wrong and should read some of these books please pitch them to me in the comments. Also I’m curious, what popular YA books have you guys not read? If you make/have a post talking about it, I’d love to see!

20 thoughts on “Popular YA Books I Haven’t Read

  1. i haven’t read any of the books on your list either ๐Ÿ˜‚. although i just started the young elites recently, and i want to see how it goes. i do hope i like it.

    also fun fact, i didn’t know the graceling realm series existed until today ๐Ÿ˜ณ

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  2. The only one I did actually read is Eleonor & Parks.. though I only realized afterward how racist it was, from the book community itself – because I didnโ€™t really thought of it that way (either because of the translation itself, or because im not grown to look for things like that, I have no idea)

    Same though for the selection ๐Ÿ˜‚ idk, just looking at the covers im like mmmmh nope!

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  3. I’ve read the Twilight series and enjoyed them at the time (when I was 18 and the first movie had just come out) but not really a fan 11 yrs later. The Vampire Academy series and it’s spin off Bloodlines are good (I paused the Bloodlines series for some reason and couldn’t remember where I got up to so keep meaning to go back and finish it). I’m not sure if it’s YA, NA or Adult but the Ill Made Mute trilogy is one I LOVED reading when I was like 12 and it’s something I think I’d still enjoy

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  4. I read The Selection (because I had a copy of it on my Kindle somehow… I guess at some point it was free) and I HATED it. Well, more accurately, it was so bad (in my opinion), it was more entertaining to make commentary with my friend about the book.

    I enjoyed The Young Elites! I think it falls under morally gray (which is kind of spoilery) but also a bit of a villain origin story? If you do read it, though, I’d stay far away from the audio version. I tried the first and it was okay, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as when I tried the second book in the physical/ebook version.

    I feel like I handled Daughter of Smoke and Bone better in the audio version, haha. It’s super slow-paced and according to my friend who’s a huge of Laini Taylor (not as much as SJM though), she writes very lyrically and that’s not exactly… my type of thing? I don’t know if that’s the same case for you, though.

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    1. I definitely can’t wait to read The Young Elites now! I will also be sure not to listen to the audio book of Daughter of Smoke and Bone if I end up reading it. I can usually adjust to different writing styles but the last time I read something that was lyrically written I disliked it, so we’ll definitely see lol.


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